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While for some work could prove a welcome distraction during a difficult period, it is best to take time off to grieve. Not only is it expected, but it is perfectly okay to do so. There are plenty of reasons why an employee might call out of work, so let’s review some. He has been advising job seekers since 2012 to think differently in their job search and land high-paying, competitive positions. However, if you have a less trusting employer and you think they’d ask follow-up questions, then you may be better off using other excuses to call out of work instead of this one.

reasons to call out of work

She has been quoted by media outlets, includingForbes, USA Today, Money Magazine, Huffington Post, as well as many other publications. She is also author of The Infographic Resume and co-author of Social Networking for Business Success. As you can see, there are plenty of legitimate reasons and excuses you can use for missing work. Always let your managers know when you plan to take time off whenever possible. Valid emergency scenarios are okay, but it’s always better to provide early notice when possible. Everyone goes through issues with colleagues at some point.

Personal Issues

Personal life and work-life balance is essential to preventing burnout in the workplace. General car issues and informing your employer you won’t be able to attend work. Flat tire and inform your employer you’d like to work from home or miss today’s work. Employers have changed their policies dramatically about this. Flexibility is one of the top benefits that Generation-Z and Millennials appreciate in the workforce.

FMLA also protects employees so they can take leave if they themselves have a serious health condition. The law also requires employee health benefits to be maintained during the leave.

Can you say you’re feeling tired as an excuse to miss work?

For example, you have someone fill in for you to take notes. Follow up with the meeting holder, manager, or boss the day you’re back to get a recap of what happened in the meeting.

  • After a day, your boss may start pressuring you about finding alternative transportation.
  • If you have a pet and they are unexpectedly injured or fall ill, calling in at the last minute to attend to them isn’t a bad reason for calling out at the last minute.
  • And so you need a “white lie” to tell that doesn’t hurt your standing of being a good employee.
  • Or you could say you’re expecting an important delivery and the delivery company said you need to sign for the package in-person today.

Sometimes bad weather can prevent an employee from getting to work. For instance, a winter storm might dump two feet of snow overnight, and the roads become impassable. In this case, it is reasonable for an employee to call out of work due to the danger or impossibility of commuting. Get our free PDF with thetop 30 interview questions and answers. Join 10,000+ job seekers in our email newsletter and we’ll send you the 30 must-know questions, plus our best insider tips for turning interviews into job offers. If you’re going to say that you’re sick, you don’t need to try to cough on the phone or sound miserable. Just be clear and direct, give the general excuse/reason that you’re going to use to miss work, and then stop talking and see how your boss responds.

Good Reasons to Call Off Work, Even When You Work Remotely

The changes wrought by the remote work revolution have in many ways improved employee performance. A lot of interviewers ask this question – how did you hear about this position? This way they can judge you if you are a passive or an active job seeker.. Get creative, if the day you want to take off falls on a religious holiday, for example, use that as an excuse.

reasons to call out of work

There’s a good chance that you’re going to school to further your career. Whether you stay at the company you’re at now or you transition to an entirely different industry, your priority should be to complete your education. Family emergencies refer to any unexpected situation that affects the reasons to call out of work health or safety of your family. Whatever your reason is for requesting leave, either short-term or for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to be upfront and honest about your situation. Try to estimate how much time you need and be sure to update your supervisor if things change.

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